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About Easson Energy

The Easson.Energy Mission Statement

To optimise buildings globally, by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To forge a built environment that is more energy-efficient, more sustainable and more pleasing to work and live in.

Who Are Easson.Energy?

Easson Energy Limited is a UK company who combine and leverage best of breed technologies like AI, SaaS and IoT devices to provide a world class solution that helps companies to reduce their electricity consumption and carbon footprint. A welcome by product of implementing our solution is that it not only helps to save our planet, but also saves companies spending a minimum of $3,000 per month on electricity, up to 40% on their monthly bills.

Both Forbes and the IEA have stated that more than 40% of the energy produced in the world is wasted and while responsible companies try their best to reduce or migrate their carbon emissions with strategies that always include greener forms of energy (eg: hydro, solar etc.), most companies are unaware, unable, or unqualified to measure their power consumption at an asset level.

Making a company more energy efficient yields far greater and lasting results than simply switching to green energy! Energy efficiency is a $300 billion market for good reason because making an organisation more energy efficient reduces their power consumption with minimal cost (in the case of our solution) and directly positively impacts their bottom line with no cost of goods sold to speak of.

Easson Energy Team:

Cycle through our seniorleadership team to discover who you’ll be dealing with.

Founder - CEO

A second generation moderate conservationist and energy efficiency evangelist, he is a highly skilled, multi-lingual global entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in CEO, COO and CMO roles. He is taking his considerable time and skills spent optimising and transforming sales and marketing teams, spearheading development, raising international profiles and market positioning, orchestrating explosive growth and turning it to benefit the Earth by helping companies become more energy efficient and as a result reducing CO2 emissions.

Co-Founder - Director - Engagement

With 2 decades in Director & Ownership roles across Australia, UK, Thailand and the Philippines, Stuart brings a wealth of local and international experience to the team.

Stuart is passionate about expanding markets in developing countries and continues to ensure that local communities benefit from the knowledge and expertise that his enterprises bring to the table.

Co-Founder - Director – Acquisitions

Gary has been in the region for over a decade with particular emphasis on the hospitality sector. With almost four decades of business expansion and sales management experience, his wisdom and experience will be instrumental in ensuring that the local sales team, comprised entirely of local talent are trained and ready for success. Gary brings to Easson Energy a significant network of contacts in Thailand and the Philippines.

Chief Operating Officer

Professionally recognised Project Manager APM (PMQ), Civil Engineer & HSE Manager, with multiple years' experience in the South East Asia, Middle East, and UK markets; managing and looking after developing projects, operations, systems, and our people while covering a range of technical and manual operations in varying sectors from Digital Integration, Telecoms, Oil and Gas, and Energy services.

Patricks career has placed him in multiple different positions globally to gain vast knowledge and experiences from HSE...

Something you want to discuss?

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