Easson Energy Limited

Easson Energy Investor Overview

If you can't measure it accurately, you can't manage it eectively.

Our Opportunity

Problem worth solving

Companies are desperate for a complete energy eciency management solution that is reasonably priced and allencompassing. Up to 45% of energy in Western nations is wasted and the most eective way to save money and reduce Co2 is EFFICIENCY!

Our solution

We provide a complete best of breed solution that incorporates AI, BI, a IoT devices and expert services to solve the energy eciency headache for companies of any size at a price point a fraction of a full BMS system.

Funding Needed

$500K   |   Operating Expenses, Cost of goods, Payroll, R&D

Attractive ROI

10% Equity   |   Up To $2m Three year exist

Sales and Marketing

Sales channels

We are a company that uses a direct approach. If we are unable to meet in person, we generally take virtual meetings, however, all our business is done B2B direct. Our current pipeline stands at US$14 Million.

Marketing activities

  • AustCham
  • BCCT
  • Skal
  • AmCham
  • Targeted Trade Shows

Financial Projections


Expenses & Costs



Thai BOI Company Completed

May 31, 2021

Establish Thai Bank Accounts

Jun 1, 2021

Establish New Long Term Oces

Jun 1, 2021

Close 1 Major QSR Franchise

Jul 31, 2021

Commence Building Delivery Teams

Jul 31, 2021

Team and Key Roles

Founder - Managing Director

A highly skilled, multi-lingual, highimpact, global entrepreneur and trailblazer with 20+ years of experience in CEO, COO and CMO roles.

Co-Founder - Director - Engagement

With signicant experience in developing markets and an enviable list of contacts in Thailand and the Philippines.

Co-Founder - Director – Acquisitions

Gary has been in the region for over a decade with particular emphasis on the hospitality sector.

Partners and Resources

Please feel free to contact Robert Easson should you require more information.