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The world’s most complete energy management service

Easy to install hardware. Intuitive software. An accessible API. The expertise of energy management professionals. We offer the complete, end-to-end solution for energy management. Perfect for single buildings or whole portfolios.

The Hardware
The Software
The Services

Eniscope is a lightweight and compact, plug-and-play system. Typically taking three hours to install on-site, with minimal disruption to your workflow, our hardware is easy to integrate and offers a perfect safety record.

At the core of our system, we offer 8 three-phase metering points per Eniscope hub, with physical connectivity for pulse and temperature inputs, as well as wireless connectivity to IoT devices and sensors. That level of connectivity means we can seamlessly connect to incumbent meters and, with our API, we can integrate easily with your BMS or CAFM solution too.

Our own standalone wireless IoT sensors include temperature, occupancy, gas, water and much more – to make sure your data is always placed in context.

Eniscope is easy and quick to install, versatile, pinpoint accurate and – for many FMs and property managers around the world – indispensable.

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  • Easy and safe to install with minimal disruption.

  • 8 x three-phase metering points.

  • Lightweight and compact at 235mm x 145mm x 60mm.

  • Better than 1% voltage accuracy.

  • Wireless IoT sensors for temperature and pulse.

  • External remote-control hub for easy access.

Unlike many competitive products, Eniscope offers both hardware and software in a single solution.

With one intuitive, cloud-based platform, energy managers can access real-time data from dozens of sites in a
single location. That data can be displayed in a variety of chart types and analysed at granularity levels as fine as 1-minute intervals, including on our proprietary Android and iOS smartphone apps.
Time periods can be compared, data exported, alarms set and a range of end products created – including automated reports and tenant billing. With full integration into a custom version of Microsoft Power BI, Eniscope offers customisable visual dashboards and reports.

Behaviour change is key to effective energy management, and with our customised public displays this is made easier than ever. League tables, real-world comparison figures (eg. energy saved = trees planted) and daily statistics help motivate and engage stakeholders, turning them from part of the problem into a key component of the solution.

Eniscope product has been certified by IBM as ‘Watson Ready’ and is trusted by their team in an increasing number
of projects globally.

It is compatible with almost any BMS system with no software development required, and provides all of its monitoring, analytical and reporting functionality as standard within its own proprietary cloud-interface – with no reliance on third-party BMS systems. That includes alarms, mobile analytics and scheduling functionality.

With recent product developments, Eniscope now offers wireless sensors and on/off control as part of its wider suite of supporting products.

In order to provide you with optimal savings and management, every Easson Energy Management includes Virtual Energy Management Services which takes the headache of having to re-task staffing resources to energy efficiency management. Consider us your Energy Efficiency Department.

STANDARD SERVICES (Included with all Eniscope Installations)

  • Account Specialist to monitor your data so all your power usage data is available in one location, disaggregated and reinterpreted into a language you can understand, be it kW’s, carbon or
  • Information is power and Easson Energy with Eniscope, puts the power back in your
  • Gather, summarise, store and transmit energy related data for presentation and analysis to cloud based servers or across a LAN, wifi or via an internal GPRS* module
  • Energy use and data monitored live in real time, as the energy is used, data can be viewed
  • Real time data on energy consumption patterns by individual pieces of equipment, circuits, a building or property
  • 5 reports at customer’s usage
    • Monthly Summary of Usage
    • Comparison to baseline
    • Monthly Savings Analysis
    • Basic Analytics for each store
    • Historical data – all viewed externally via a web
  • Eniscope displays can also be made available to staff or the public with simple and easy to understand graphics and
  • It can be added to websites, with an attractive range of public displays, often motivating behavioural change by employees and publicising the sustainable efforts of an organisation or business.
  • Eniscope has been engineered to allow continuous, remote improvements and upgrades** via the internet, making this the world’s most durable and future proof solution to energy monitoring and efficiency.
  • Remote multi-site monitoring and targeting, as long as Eniscope has been installed and fully operational.
  • Monitoring and targeting of comparative facilities and competitive league table of results can be a powerful motivator for behavioural
  • If you generate your own power, from renewable sources or otherwise, Eniscope will monitor minute- by-minute data on the energy your system is
  • 3 levels of alerts or escalations


  • Managing disparate assets across a whole region or Country is particularly challenging Easson Energy with Eniscope can provide a unique set of benefits in this type of
  • Specific Real time monitoring of data on energy consumption patterns by account specialist of individual pieces of equipment, circuits, a building or property
  • On site training to effect behavioural change
  • Assist Client to identify the most effective energy management strategies within top performing branches
  • Replicate and implement these successes where possible across an entire estate be that 100’s or 1000’s of comparative facilities.
  • Bespoke Reports, you tell us what you need, we will create the report for you!
  • Extra levels of alerts, not happy with 3 levels of alerts or escalations, we will provide unlimited extra levels of alerts to suit your needs


We provide both the hardware and the software you need
to manage energy effectively.

The Service

The true secret to energy management success? The services of a genuinely expert team to analyse the data and make the changes you need to save energy.

For some of our clients, that team already exists in house – we just augment their work with our solutions.

These displays can be strategically positioned around a building to provide a crucial incentive to change their behaviour. We can integrate leader boards and competitive aspects, to give stakeholders that extra push to make a difference (to your carbon footprint and your bills!).

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