Founder - CEO

A second generation moderate conservationist and energy efficiency evangelist, he is a highly skilled, multi-lingual global entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in CEO, COO and CMO roles. He is taking his considerable time and skills spent optimising and transforming sales and marketing teams, spearheading development, raising international profiles and market positioning, orchestrating explosive growth and turning it to benefit the Earth by helping companies become more energy efficient and as a result reducing CO2 emissions. You can’t manage what you can’t measure and the greenest energy is energy we don’t use.
A highly successful technology management professional with a measurable track record of expertise in negotiating key partnerships and contracts with prominent clients across international markets, including Asia, UK and Australia.
Extensive experience in leading start-up companies and a person who happily rolls up and does what needs to be done. Going the “extra mile” is a normal way of life!
Experienced in championing key relationships in the energy efficiency, financial services, banking, and healthcare sectors.