Easson Energy

Tenant Billing

Smart submetering & billing

Our sub-metering system provides you with continuous real-time data at a tenant by tenant level. Stop estimating bills and start charging by actual usage.

Unique Hardware

Our end-to-end solution includes both hardware and software, so you can be sure that you’ll have everything you need without having to deal with two suppliers.

Installed typically within 3 hours, our system supplies a steady stream of real-time information and automatic meter readings.


Speed up data collection and control centrally


Monitor tenant energy usage remotely in real-time


Reduce meter-reading inspection costs


Avoid troubling tenants with meter-reading visits

Intuitive Software

Monitor usage throughout the month and generate reports automatically when it comes to pay day, with charges based on better than 1% accuracy readings of energy usage.

Our template reports populate automatically and are provided ‘white label’, so your tenants receive your branding front and centre.


Present a crisp, professional image to valuable tenants


Avoid inaccuracies, estimates and consequent disputes


Avoid the unfairness of dividing costs across tenants by floor area


Encourage tenants to drive down their bills with accurate impacts
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Truly End-to-End

Unlike many energy management providers, we don’t just offer software – we have the UK-designed hardware to back it up.

The Support Service

We understand that integrating any new system is a big upheaval. Our expert support team is on hand, wherever you are in the world.

With a network of global partners on every continent and in 37 countries across the globe – we’re always close at hand. Collecting and interpreting data is crucial and our experts are trained in data manipulation, as well as report set-up and design.


Set-Up Seamlessly
Integrate our system into your operation quickly and smoothly


Efficiently Manage Reporting
Generate good-looking reports easily and automatically


An Invaluable System
One that you won’t imagine being able to do without!

Case Studies

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